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At First Class Energy Consultants we take the time to get to know the needs of your business. Then we pair you with the right experience Consultant. We have teams of consultants who will bring their experience to your project, whether it's a new regulatory experience or band new market, or just turning your existing sales team into a sales FORCE.

Our knowledge is your tool, and our analysis will allow you to outperform in you sector, improve sales, bring in higher profits, and reduce wasted time. Our analysis will provide you with the feedback and tools you need to take you to the next level.

About Us

Founded in 2008, 2190127 Ontario Inc. (First Class Energy Consultants) was established to provide consulting services to energy companies in deregulated Energy markets. We have expertise in the areas of; market expansion, marketing strategies, and sales strategies, including marketing segmentation (direct mail, telemarketing, direct marketing) and market penetration studies. Through contracting with First Class Energy Consultants, clients are able to ensure that corporate marketing objectives and plans are well established, time-lined, and documented.

In 2002, founder Kirk Binns graduated from Guelph University and began focusing in the Retail Energy business. From 2003 – 2005, Mr.Binns consulted, managed and enabled the largest Energy Retailer in Canada as it grew business in the Ontario marketplace and expanded into Western Canadian Markets and later US markets, to become North America’s largest deregulated Energy Company. This experience prepared him perfectly to later establish First Class Energy Consultants.

In 2005, founder Mr. Binns entered the Alberta Market place to facilitate expansion, meet client objectives, and ensure strong customers additions making his client the premier energy retailer in the Alberta market. In 2007, Mr. Binns was again involved in another expansion, this time south of the border into the Texas market, facilitating new product offerings, customer acquisitions, and market penetration. After many successful client engagements in the energy marketing sector, First Class Energy Consultants expanded its offering to consult to the growing Home Services sector. Our Clients have benefited from in-depth market analysis, segmentation and go-to market strategy recommendations.

First Class Energy Consultants, through its network of Consultants, Sub-Contractors and Analysts, continues to provide support to our clients in Ontario, Quebec and most recently New York. Our engagements since opening in 2008 have involved numerous companies in the Retail Energy and Home Services industries and have been directly involved in assisting client corporations to develop strategies to acquire hundred of thousands of customers across Canada.

Our Consultants

Deregulated energy markets can be Scary. Don't go alone.

Our consultants have a range of experience; some are university grads with business acumen, some consultants come to use from other industries bringing years of consulting experience, and some Consultants are straight from the guerrilla streets of sales and will give you feedback no one else will.

The analysis we provide can be the difference between success in your industry and missed opportunity. We work with some of the top name Energy companies in the industry, providing new angles of information.

The key to our success is your success. We know how to market and sell in some of the most competitive commodity environments there are - you can harness our knowledge to unleash your power, and let the profits be the proof.

Our people have been there and done that - now let them show you how to best take advantage of your opportunities. Consultants make money by helping you make money.

Our Role

First Class Energy Consultants take the guesswork out of your sales, marketing, and customer related operations. Our analysis of your current team, customer service, sales method, territory, operating strategy, administration, and policies will provide your with key information to make strategic changes to improve your bottom line. We will take a snapshot of your current business model to identify areas of improvement, and we do it quickly. Each Consultant is hand-picked for your project and territory based on their experience and strengths. You will receive a detailed outline of your particular improvement strategy, and weekly reports to help you implement changes as soon as opportunities are identified. We will work with you to implement efficient effective change to get you to the top of your field. This is First Class Energy Consultants, and we want you to join the ranks of the best, and we'll work with you to get you there.

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First Class Energy Consultants has experience in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Texas, and New York, and we are always looking for more consultants to help us expand our knowledge base. We have worked for companies such as Just Energy, Summitt Energy, and Family Energy. If you have the skills and experience to consult in these highly competitive industries, please forward your resume.

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